Thursday, March 5, 2015

TAM meeting 7/14/2014 Steve Kinsey/Dan Hillmer criticize opponents of Plan Bay Area

Steve Kinsey (Marin Supervisor) and Dan Hillmer (Larkspur City Council) on TAM criticize Marin's ABAG representative, Pat Ecklund (Novato Council) and the public who oppose the urbanization of Marin. 

Kinsey, who has refused to engage the general public on the issue of housing. tears up Pat Ecklund who stands alone among the politicians as openly questioning the policies of Plan Bay Area.  Dan Hillmer of Larkspur City Council piles on too.  Is this the same Dan Hillmer who drew enthusiastic public support for opposition to the Larkspur Station Area plan?  Local people tell me that he is actually tied to the pro development group of politicians currently running the county.  His performance that evening may have just been political posturing.

All present seem to dismiss the concerns of any of the opponents of Plan Bay Area and misrepresent the position of Citizen Marin which functions as a coalition of neighborhood groups. 

Clearly, Steve Kinsey and Dan Hillmer seem determined to urbanize Marin despite the widespread opposition and seems willing to steamroll everyone who gets in his way.

We are not going to let that happen Steve and Dan.

Citizen Marin is over 10,000 members and is the largest grassroots organization in Marin.  

We will Save Marin Again!

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