Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Future of Water in Marin: Crosse vs. Bragman Debate Sep 11, 2014

Quick takeaways on some key differences:

DESALINATION - Crosse says "never say never". Bragman says never.

ROUND-UP/herbicides - Crosse says they are still studying if it's safe. Bragman says that "if they don't know it's safe after studying it for 10 years, then it's not safe." He wants to ban all herbicides & not let RoundUp get into our drinking water.

FLOURIDE - Bragman is against it. He feels that the MMWD is citing a changed law to use it, and they should remove it. Crosse doesn't like it either, but she says it's the law & she will follow them. 
HOUSING DEVELOPMENT - Bragman says the MMWD needs to take a stronger leadership role in dealing with the growth policies of the Supervisors, and not waste money on a pipeline across the Richmond Bridge to questionable water sources. Crosse says that her job as Supervisor Steve Kinsey's aide does not affect her role as a MMWD board member, Crosse said that she would vote for a building moratorium if we ever got into a serious water emergency (but she thinks we're far from that point). She is in favor of spending $300,000 to study building a Richmond Bridge pipeline to explore all of our options.

SONOMA WATER DEPENDENCY - Bragman says that we shouldn't take it for granted, since we get 25% of our water from them. Sonoma is having a water crisis, yet they plan to grow considerably in the near future. Crosse thinks Sonoma water won't be a problem, as they are under a legal contract to provide it to us. 
EXPANDING CAPACITY - Bragman says we should be working to increase the capacity of our lakes now. That MMWD is only currently studying just Bon Tempe lake & should be doing all of them. Crosse said basically that Bon Tempe is sufficient, and it's a lot of work to dredge the lakes & get rid of the spoils.

BIOGRAPHIES: Liza Crosse is the appointed incumbent who works her day job as an aide for Supervisor Steve Kinsey. Larry Bragman is on the Fairfax town council, on which he has served for 11 years & is a lawyer in private practice.

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