Saturday, October 27, 2018

Why Marinwood CSD does not respect your opinion

Marinwood CSD director, Izabela Perry explains why she will not listen to the public remarks on the Negative Declaration for the Marinwood Maintenance Compound.  She explains that "experts" obviously are more informed and better educated. She places little value to listening to the public.  The public comments pointed out factual errors such as the violations of environmental law, inaccurate, misleading data and the size of the massive compound which is inconsistent with use of the park. It is Ms. Perry that needs education. Clearly, she  thinks  "expert opinion" should be above reproach despite the obvious financial incentives for consultants to state opinion in support of the project.  The architect and the Marinwood CSD met quietly behind closed doors to create a project which doubles the size of previous proposals and will not divulge its expected cost.  Izabela Perry "respects" your opinion only if it agrees with "experts".

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