Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The One Bay Area Plan for Our Glorious Future (satire)

In the future, we shall all live in high density settlements surrounded by a glorious greenbelt.
About One Bay Area

[Announcer on a hidden loudspeaker :]

"Imagine a future where all the urban sprawl is replaced by eco villages connected by bike paths and light rail. Everyone shall have their own home and organic garden. The cities will powered by solar and wind turbine. There will be no crime, homelessness, global warming, traffic or pollution.  Even the poor will enjoy the fruits of our society as much as the wealthy.  Arts shall florish and the skies will be blue. Regional councils shall replace localism.   Efficient central governments shall maximize the public good for all."

The dream is beginning, here in the Bay Area.  Here is the plan:

The Marinwood Priority Development Area for Urbanization is almost Here!
Just Ask your Supervisor!

 Editor's Note:  Although this post is labeled satire,  the real One Bay Area plan is actually upon us.  The goal is to change land use and economics for the entire San Francisco Bay area. Suburban "sprawl"  ( You know "ugly suburbs", like our community that was settled over half a century ago) into modern high density urban villages.  Marinwood-Lucas Valley is the first large scale experiment since it is politically controlled by the five Marin County supervisors-Arnold, Adams, Kinsey, Rice & Sears.  We only get to vote for one supervisor, so effectively we are at the mercy of the dominant majority of supervisors.  All of them are advocates of the One Bay Area Plan vision to "densify" (urbanize) the 101 corridor. 
The One Bay Area plan claims to be an all inclusive vision addressing economics, environment and equity.  In reality, it is all about building "big box" apartments without considering jobs, environment, public services, schools and infrastructure to support the hypergrowth.  Worse yet,  these non profit developments pay very little taxes creating financial suicide for the communities they are meant to "improve".  Developers profit, government power increases, taxpayers pay more taxes.  In short, it is all about "power and money" for the business and government elite.
Has anyone in the history of the world built a successful city and economy by building a massive amount of housing without supporting industry?  This is madness.
If low cost housing were the only component of urban success,  low cost cities like Oakland would be centers of commerce and jobs instead of Silicon Valley.
The vision of the One Bay Area Plan is chilling.  It concentrates all authority of government above the people into regional bodies and planning authorities far removed from the local citizens. 
Is this the utopia you want to be forced to live in?


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